Thursday, April 14, 2011

we'll always have paris power

We'll Always Have Paris is a deep maroon creme with a gorgeous glossy finish. I love it but was disappointed to see just how similar it is to William Tell Me About OPI (obviously also by OPI). The two shades are so similar that I probably don't need both but I can't decide if I can actually bring myself to give up one of them since once again, I'm such a sucker for names and this polish is a quote from Casablanca and the other is a reference to the Swiss folk hero, William Tell soooo... yeah. I'm a loser, I know. Which one would you pick?

natural light

with flash


  1. I'd keep William Tell, because I played that overture so many times when I was in band and orchestra, and because I have We'll Always Have Paris in the suede version.

  2. oh, I'll have to check out the suede We'll Always Have Paris!

  3. Ohhh very pretty! I love vampy colors like this one