Wednesday, December 29, 2010

watermelon felon

It's summer here in Australia which, as far as nail polish is concerned, usually means bright colours. And Australian exclusive brand, Ulta3, certainly has us covered in that department. This juicy temptress of a colour is aptly named watermelon and its opaque creme coverage is perfect for a 60 second manicure before you head out the door for the beach.

natural light

with flash

striking a cord

I have been on the hunt for my perfect gray/taupe nail colour for quite some time now and while I don't think this polish is what I'm looking for I'm rather in love with it none the less. This polish comes from China Glazes 2009 fall collection, Retro Diva. A collection that I think I want to take a better look at.
is a taupey/gray/warm silver colour with an almost mirror finish and it is beautiful. I can easily see myself wearing this colour all year round.

with my trusty Revitanail ridge filler basecoat

Natural light

With flash