Sunday, April 17, 2011

unknown old lookin' butter london

This polish is like a frosty lookin' white/gold/green and I have no idea what it is...I got it in a mystery nail polish lot off ebay which I posted about here. I've looked through lots of Butter London swatches but I can't find this anywhere so I'm unsure if this was just an unpopular limited edition colour or if it's a fake or a franken or what? Even if this polish is legit, I'm not overly into it. Frost really isn't my thing. Not sure what I'll do with this polish but I don't think it will get to see too much of my finger tips. Not when I've got so many other gorgeous colours I want to wear. x

with flash

natural light


  1. Interesting color. Does this have the lift-off cap? Some of the very old BLs have a one-piece cap.

  2. Yeah, the cap is all in one piece. BL only started in 2005 right? I thought there would be some record of their early polishes but I can't find anything on it.