Friday, April 1, 2011

bravo for barricade

Yes it's another gray. And yes it's another Nubar gray. What can I say? The Fortress Collection killed me. You know, in a good way... Barricade is very similar to another colour I've featured, Palisade, the only real difference being the base colour which is yellow/green for Barricade and blue for Palisade. Personally I love both of them but Palisade suits me better and is therefore my winner! Hopefully the constant assault of Palisade and Barricade wasn't too confusing for the senses...

with flash

natural light


  1. thats a pretty grey, but it might look too dark on me.

  2. it's really only a couple of shades darker then Zoya's Dove. I have very fair (pink toned) skin and it works, darkness wise, on me. x