Wednesday, June 8, 2011

espresso brown

I am completely in love with this Polish from Borghese. Espresso Brown is perhaps my only brown polish with shimmer but it's just perfection. The formulation was great, it just flowed on my nail without effort and the shade turned out to be extremely flattering. Brilliant.

with flash

natural light


  1. This does look like a good one! I avoided Borghese for the longest time due to the bottle shape (it looks odd to me) and the price, but now I've got a bunch (sales are a good thing) and really like a lot of the colors they do.

  2. I'm like you - don't have many brown polishes in my collection. Haven't tried any Borghese polishes. I'll admit that it's because of the bottle shape...silly, I know!

    This brown looks nice because of the depth the shimmer adds.

    Have you tried OPI Holiday Glow? That's another nice brown...or Nubar Raspberry Truffle?
    - Mary

  3. @KarenD - The Borghese bottles are rather old fashioned. I got all of mine in a lot on ebay. Borghese doesn't sell in Australia and I was curious :)

    @SwatchAndLearn - Raspberry Truffle is a fav! Might have to check out Holiday Glow though...