Tuesday, May 3, 2011

toscano spice gets cracked in blue!

Super in love with this manicure! I would never have thought of this combination normally but I was already wearing Borghese's Toscano Spice when my Barry M Nail effects in blue showed up and since I was too impatient to wait I just slopped it on over Toscano Spice and I could not be happier with it! Toscano Spice is a warm apricot type nude with some subtle shimmer and surprisingly (to me at least) is the perfect base for the dusty but bright blue of the Barry M crackle/shatter/nail effects. Love it! What do you guys think? Yay of nay?

with flash

natural light

one coat of Nail Effects Blue with flash

one coat of Nail Effects Blue natural light

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