Wednesday, May 11, 2011

choose me!

Essence has only just made their may to Australian retailers and is still quite hard to find. I only know of one place near me that has an Essence stand. Choose Me! is the first Essence polish I've tried and so far I'm impressed. Choose Me! is a dupe for Orly's Haley's Comet (which I love). The pictures below are only one coat since I was feeling lazy and while it could use an extra coat I think you can easily get away with just the one. I've had this on my toes for over a week and it still looks great. Will certainly be picking up more of these.

with flash

natural light


  1. I have that one too and I love it!

  2. We get a few Essence here, including this one, which I got even though I have at least a couple dupes--the little bottles are so cute and so cheap. :)

  3. I just found essence where I live yesterday & bought this one!!