Friday, May 13, 2011

botticelli nude

So glad Blogger's finally working! It was down all day yesterday and I was at quite a loss actually. Is that sad? Also I think about 4 comments got deleted from some of my more recent posts so that's sad hopefully they'll come back when blogger maintenance is over. Anyway.

Still making my way through my Borghese lot of polish. This particular one is Botticelli Nude and it is just a sheer creamy nude colour that makes your nails look nice and clean. I don't have a lot to say about this polish. It didn't wow me but it was nice enough... my favourite nude is still Revitanail's Cashmere Latte.

natural light

with flash


  1. looks great :)


  2. does it last long?

  3. @Beauty Addict - I took this particular one off after a day but other Borghese polishes I own last a good 4-5 days for me which is all I can ever really get out of a polish.