Wednesday, March 9, 2011

zoom! back in time...

I've had this Revlon polish for about 10 years now. More then half of it is gone, the label has almost completely scratched off but it is still in perfect condition formula wise. Zoom is a bright medium pink polish with beautiful silver shimmer shot through it. This applied perfectly in two coats and while i'm not usually drawn to pink polish this is one that I've never been able to give up. What have you kept in your collection for longer then you'd imagined?


  1. I don't remember this one! I do have other old ones in my stash, though--like the L'Oreal I wore to my wedding.

  2. @Tasha vintage polish is set to make a comeback... lol

    @KarenD I'd love to see your wedding polish. Do you have a post over at your blog? I think I'll go check.