Sunday, March 27, 2011

greta still vants to be a-lone star after all these years

I knew I had to have this colour the second I saw it. Not just for the awesome Greta Garbo reference but because it's just so darn pretty! A lot of people are of the opinion that if you have Sea Spray from China Glaze then you probably don't need I Vant to be A-lone Star but they have such a different look on the nail to me that you could easily get away with having both without it being a waste. The shimmer in this polish is gorgeous and the shade is spot on. It does give me slight lobster hands but that's my problem not the polishes. Love these type of grayed out blues! Can't get enough. x

with flash

natural light

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  1. I just picked this one up--and I do have Sea Spray, too. I just love colors like this.