Saturday, September 3, 2011

don't think twice

Don't Think Twice is another polish from Duri's Back To Classics Collection and I'm in love. It's a beautiful dove gray with a slight blueish tint. There's also some hidden silvery shimmer but it's a bit shy and only shows up every so often. I wore this for about 5 days. Only just took it off minutes before I started typing this up. although, after the first couple of days I added a coat of Last Friday Night by OPI and it looked rather lovely. Should have taken a pic but I'm rubbish and never got around to it...


  1. Very pretty! I usually don't go for these colors but this looks so good!

  2. Simple but yet pretty! Wish we could have seen what OPI looked like over it!

  3. Ooh, nice! I've no idea where to get Duri around here or I'm sure I'd have this one already. :)