Sunday, August 21, 2011

housten we have a purple

Why did I wait so long to get this polish!? Housten We Have A Purple from OPI's Texas Collection earlier this year is simply stunning. It's one of their "sorbet" finishes (aka jelly) and it's so lovely. It's a very red based raspberry type purple and with the squishy texture it's just pure magic. In love with this polish! Gah! don't know what else to say except, i love it.


  1. It is very pretty! I didn't get any of the polishes from that collection, but this is definitely one I'd consider getting. :)

  2. I have this polish too, but I'm not a super fan of the sorbet (jelly) formula. I really hate VNL, and I don't really notice the polish to be super shiny!

  3. Very pretty! Am a new follower!