Sunday, January 16, 2011

oh so secret peri-winkle

I am very rarely surprised by a polish when I apply it to my nails. Often I'm surprised when I first see a colour in the bottle but usually by the time it gets to my nails I've got a fair idea of what i'm in for. China Glazes, Secret Peri-winkle; however, threw me for a loop. I ordered this polish many months ago and it's been sitting in my collection ever since. Only recently did I get around to trying it on and I simply couldn't believe how much I loved it! This gorgeous blue with it's purple undertones is one of the prettiest creme colours I own. I don't know if it's simply how it complements my skin tone but there's something about this colour that really stood out for me. I would recommend trying this out for yourself. Simply lovely. x

with flash

natural light

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