Sunday, July 17, 2011

it's totally fort worth it!

I thought I was really going to love It's Totally Fort Worth It from OPI's Texas collection. It's a soft shiny gray with tiny hot pink micro glitter but it fell a little short for me. For starters the glitter is almost impossible to see unless you're staring at it up close in perfect lighting and for some reason I find the finish rather unflattering. It's almost pearly and I guess that just doesn't work for me. That being said I have this on my toes right now and I'm kinda liking there may be hope for this one yet.


  1. I like it! I understand not really liking a pearly finish. I'm kind of over that type of finish, but I do think this one looks good! :)

  2. @Olivia C. - I'm kinda liking it more in the pictures then I did on my nails so I'm thinking I give it another shot. Maybe I was just in a funky mood...haha